Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

Alternatives To The Basic Beef Burger

by Hannah Kuhn

Are you tired of eating traditional burgers that are featured at fast food establishments? There are many burger venue types that offer non-meat patties, sliders, and burger bars that will take your flavor experience to the next level.

Non-Beef Patties

Some burger establishments serve full-sized patties that consist of seafood, vegetables, or a beef substitute. A burger does not need to contain an all-beef product to be rated highly. A venue that advertises other burger products may use the same series of toppings that you are already accustomed to, offering you the opportunity to enjoy some of the same familiar tastes that you prefer when eating all beef patties.

Some venues that sell non-beef products will feature their own line of unique toppings, including secret sauces or specially prepared vegetables. A non-beef patty that is vegetable-based or that contains a beef substitute could be much healthier than a beef burger, plus contain less trans fat and calories.


Sliders may be small in size, but they are not to be overlooked for their diminutiveness. Sliders are popular burger products that are sold at pubs, fast food joints, and at casual or fancy restaurants. Sliders may contain all beef products or a mix of pork, veal, and other meat products. A well-made slider will be juicy and served to you on a fresh bun.

A dining establishment may feature sliders that taste similar to a quality hamburger or cheeseburger. A gourmet burger venue that advertises sliders may serve chili sliders, barbecue sliders, or another specialty slider type. Sliders may be served individually or grouped together. Orders that contain multiple burgers may feature one distinct slider type or various types.

Burger Bars

Burger bars offer a buffet-style setup. Burger patties, toppings, condiments, and buns may be displayed on a warming and cooling station within a venue that offers a burger bar. Typically, a cook will be responsible for preparing meat or non-meat patties as they are ordered. It will be up to you to prepare your burger as you prefer.

This entails placing a burger on a bun and choosing various toppings that the bar features. A burger bar offers customers the opportunity to test out new flavor combinations. A bar may contain regional vegetables, seasonings, and other toppings that a patron hasn't experienced before. An establishment that offers a burger bar may have dining tables set up around the bar.  

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Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

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