Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

A Chopping Device That Can Be Used To Create Salads And Fruit Medleys

by Hannah Kuhn

Adding a line of salads and fruit medleys to your restaurant's menu may provide a welcome change that will encourage your patrons to indulge in some healthier meal options. Manual and electric food bowl choppers will decrease knife-related injuries and will allow preparations to be made in a systematic manner.

The Blades Do All Of The Work

Slicing onions or crushing garlic cloves can be time-consuming and can also be irritating to those who are sensitive to the pungent aromas of these vegetable varieties. When raw ingredients are added to a chopper's reservoir, the blades that are attached to the interior will complete all of the labor and strong scents will be masked.

There are many types of food choppers on the market, including small plastic devices that contain a manual press and stainless steel models that are powered by electricity and that contain a large collection chamber and separate liquid reservoir.

With a larger unit, any excess juices that are extracted will be released into the reservoir, ensuring that the countertop or table that is being used for food preparations will remain clean and dry. Some choppers contain an adjustment feature, which will allow you to alter the length and width of a chopped piece of food. Look for a chopper that contains detachable blades and components that will be fairly easy to clean. Some choppers contain an interior chopping chamber that can be removed and placed inside of a dishwasher.

Catered Events Won't Require As Much Prep Work

If you offer catering and often provide meals to guests at private parties, a food chopper will reduce the amount of prep work that you will be responsible for. Update your menu so that it includes all of the fresh vegetable and fruit salads that you are selling and request that all catered orders are placed in advance.

After receiving information about what dishes will be served, practice using the food chopper that you have invested in. A salad that contains uniform pieces and a variety of ingredients will provide a reception or anniversary dinner spread with an air of elegance.

Additionally, your new food chopper will prevent the need to bring along an arsenal of knives, cutting boards, and other kitchen aids that you usually use to prepare dishes that contain sliced or chopped components. Simply, pack up the raw ingredients, food chopper, and serving items and transport the equipment to the venue that you will be serving a catered meal at.


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Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

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