Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

How Can A Water Delivery Service Benefit Your Business?

by Hannah Kuhn

Why should you choose water delivery service for your business? If you're in charge of ordering for the office, take a look at the top reasons for selecting this option.

Healthy Hydration

Water is essential for optimum health. The better hydrated you are, the better you'll feel—and the same goes for your employees. The specific amount of water that an adult needs depends on several factors, such as overall health, size, diet, and activity level. 

Going without water during the day can leave your employees feeling dehydrated. This can result in headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and confusion. Not only are the results of dehydration unhealthy, but they can interfere with the work day—making your employees less productive or even sending them home for a sick day.

Top Choice Beverage

Hydrating with sports drinks, soda, or juice won't provide your employees with the same benefits that water does. But without drinking water available, your employees may turn to a soda machine, the company's coffee station, or something similar (and unhealthy). Water delivery service provides employees with a fresh, cool, healthy option that is better for everyone.

Time Saver

Forget about leaving the office to buy bottled water in bulk. Going out to buy this hydrator, or sending an employee to the store, takes time. That's time you could spending working, meeting with clients, or doing anything else that's job related. With delivery you can sit at your desk, working, as someone else brings bottles of water to you.

Energy Saver

Carrying heavy cases of water into your office takes a major effort. The same goes for bringing in bulk bottles or trying to refill a water cooler on your own. A delivery service means you won't have to lift a finger. That is, other than lifting a fresh, cool, hand delivered bottle of water to your mouth.

Lower Overall Costs

Even though you'll spend money on the water delivery, you may end up saving in the long-run. With this type of service, there's no more spending on the ever-rising price of gas for water/beverage runs. You'll also decrease productivity loss—whether it's due to employees leaving the office to get a hydrating beverage or due to dehydration-related reasons.

A drinking water service provides a bounty of benefits in the business setting. From breeding a healthy workplace environment to saving time and energy, choosing delivery can help your company, your employees, and your bottom line.


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Valentine’s Day Chocolate for Your Dedicated Employees

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